Our mission: fighting against healthcare associated infections 
MediHandTrace supports hospitals in their goal for patient safety, providing patented solutions in response to regulatory requirements for relevant indicators.

Our business: develop innovative connected solutions

Our solutions collect the data which are source of healthcare associated infections, as close as possible to patients and caregivers. Their detailed analysis provides official indicators, and a wealth of additional information required to improve:

caregivers compliance with protocols,
patient safety and satisfaction,
 operational departments organisation,

 levers for improving hospital financial results. 

MediHandTrace has developed its solutions in partnership with the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department - IHU Méditerranée Infection (Marseille, France). This association has led to numerous scientific publications, the results of which focus on the biases in the current methods of calculating official indicators. Automated real-time and continuous traceability, based on MediHandTrace's connected solutions, provides relevant and reliable indicators that promote accountability and progress in caregiver compliance with care protocols, for the safety of all.