Our partners
"Méditerranée Infection" University Hospital Institute condenses important resources for the fight against infectious diseases. A major and strategic cluster with international influence.
Christeyns France is the French subsidiary of the Belgian group Christeyns. Christeyns France became the majority shareholder of MediHandTrace in 2019. Christeyns provides high-quality hygiene chemicals, combining high effectiveness and eco-friendliness with an unparalleled service. 
BPI France finances French small and medium size businesses (SMB) as well as their projects: business creation, financing innovation, international expansion, investment.
The regional council, in relation with BPI France, finances projects labeled by competitiveness clusters. The APRF (Appel à projet de recherché finalisé) aims at financing PRIDES regional collaborative medium size projects.
One of the main European health competitiveness cluster which comprises the regions of Provence-Alpes Côte d’azur and Languedoc Roussillon.
A partner for all your projects.
Public authorities grant APRF 2011 Oseo & PACA Region, and «Développement de l’Innovation et de l’Information» Operational Program FEDER 2007-2013 N°42171 MediHandTrace.
Thanks to A*MIDEX project (ANR- 11-IDEX-0001-02) funded by the "Investissements d’Avenir" French Government program, managed by the French National Research Agency (ANR).