Digital solutions to fight infectious risk
Addressing hand hygiene challenges

Innovative internet of Things (IoT) solutions  
Challenge: control of the main vector of HAI(1)

Dispenser and cargivers activity data collection, analysis and feedback via business intelligence management tools (indicators, dashboards) 

MediHandTrace products and solutions meet the challenges of hand hygiene control:
► SHA View provides the national official indicator, real and relevant (ex: IcSHA(2) for France)
► MHT Kit provides the WHO5 hand hygiene indications  
Other benefits

► Global data, selection filters
► Compliance with quality manuals and national programs
► Real situation picture, before caregivers' behavior influence 
► Hand hygiene training qualification
► Avoids "Hawthorne effect" bias
► Time saving or IPC(3) teams

(1) HAI: Hospital Acquired Infections
(2) IcSHA: Indicator for consumption of Hydro-Alcoholic Solutions
(3) IPC: Infection and Prevention Control